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Mid East Faces is a news and information page about pivotal events in the Middle East and North Africa and their correlating communities around the world. Mid East Faces focuses on important people, places and news in the region with accurate reporting and blogging.  Mid East Faces takes a close look at the current situation in the Middle East and contextualizes events within their political, social and cultural framework to gain better understanding. Discussions about various topics are meant to invite and encourage free and open dialogue without any specific political or religious agenda and with a targeted goal of publicizing critical human rights affairs.





Lisa Daftari is an award-winning journalist with expertise in the Middle East and North Africa, specifically in counter-terrorism, Iran and the Iranian American community. She regularly appears on television and radio as a specialist on Middle Eastern affairs and counterterrorism. Currently, she is an on-air Fox News Contributor and frequently appears on shows such as Fox & Friends, Happening Now, Hannity, Geraldo at Large, Women’s Power Panel and Red Eye.  She has been featured on CBS, NBC, PBS, the Washington Post, Newsmax, Voice of America, Front Page Magazine, the Washington Times, Russia Today, Fox News and others. Lisa has been interviewed in Spanish, English and Persian.
In 2006, while in graduate school, Lisa was invited to show her thesis documentary film about an underground Iranian political youth movement to Congress. During that time, she worked as an associate producer in the investigative unit at NBC in Los Angeles, where she helped break the story of the 2005 Los Angeles bomb plot, in which an Islamist prison gang planned to bomb several prominent sites in LA.

Lisa holds a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern Caliifornia, where she received a Presidential Merit Scholarship for her studies. In her last year of graduate school, Lisa was selected as a fellow to the Carnegie and Knight News 21 investigative journalism initiative.  Using her grant, Lisa delivered the exclusive story of four Iranian brothers detained in Federal prison on charges connecting them to the MEK, a designated US terror list organization. She delivered her report on PBS for a 9/11 anniversary show.

Lisa completed her undergraduate degree in Middle East studies, Spanish and vocal performance at Rutgers University with the highest of accolades.
She is fluent in Persian and Spanish and is an avid opera singer and pianist.




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