Leaked UN Report: Iran slowing procurement or finding secret ways of obtaining nuke material

Negotiations about Iran's nuclear
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As the p5+1 nations and Iran head to Vienna for another session this week meant to draft a final deal over Tehran’s nuclear program, a secret report leaked by the United Nations casts more doubt upon the regime’s compliance.

The U.S., Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany will work on a final version of the deal, meeting the July 20 deadline.

Just hours before the meeting, a U.N. report leaked important information suggesting that either the Iranian regime has diminished its desire to acquire weapons-building material or on the contrary, has become masterful at finding ways to quietly obtain these sensitive materials.

Also before the talks, the International Atomic Energy Agency, or the IAEA, the UN global watchdog group monitoring weapons development, currently leading its own separate investigation on Iran’s nuclear program advancement, ended talks with Iranian officials Monday with seemingly little progress.

The IAEA has stated that Iran’s government still has several corrections to make before May 15, in order to meet regulations and to differentiate between military and civilian applications in some cases.

The Iranian regime however, maintains it has fully complied with the deal reached in Geneva last November.

The P5+1 nations arrived at an interim deal with Iran meant to slow down their nuclear program over the course of six months in exchange for significant sanctions relief.

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