New Syria video shows Jihadi women of war

New video shows Jihadi women of war
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A new video shows women covered in all black Islamic garb shooting guns in a field in Raqqa, Syria allegedly tied to ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an Al Qaeda-linked terror group.

The video appears to show the women training for active combat.

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It was first uploaded by a YouTube channel called “TheInfo Islam,” and linked to a Facebook page and Twitter account with the same name. Later, it was uploaded to English language YouTube channels called, “Syria4YouandMe” and “AllEyesonSyria.”

The English channels describes the video as “ISIS women fighter during the training with AK 47 in Ar raaqa.”

ISIS, a Sunni fundamentalist group, formed during the Iraq War of the 1980s targeting the Iraqi government, and in 2004 formally became a branch of Al Qaeda functioning in Iraq. Today the group is active in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS has taken control of most of northern Syria, with pronounced presence in the city of Raqqa, where they took control in 2012. ISIS is a heavily armed and well-funded terror organization that has to date killed thousands of Syrians in spreading Jihad. was not able to independently confirm contents of the video.

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