Syrian cyber army claims it hacked Israel Defense Forces site

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The cyber branch of Syria’s military is claiming it hacked the Israel Defense Forces blog Saturday.

The Syrian Electronic Army, or SEA, is a recently expanding group of computer hackers supporting President Bashar al Assad’s crackdown on dissidence growing online both inside the country and abroad.

Saturday morning, the SEA tweeted its victory to its more than 19,000 followers

The SEA claims to have penetrated the site and left an image bearing the logo of the Syrian army on its home page along with a message:

Israel Defense Forces blog hacked by the Syrian Electronic ArmyTo You, O Violators

As you love life, so we adore martyrdom. Our rights are implanted in the veins of our bodies and our blood is the trust of the Ummah in us. This land/earth demands that we were the trustees of this charge/trust and we accepted the call of the law and of martyrdom: we do not have an enemy besides you! We eliminate you and your agents daily by the thousands to purify the soil of our country from your defilement and this [task] our army achieves every day [with] military successes [that] shake the ground under your mercenaries. You and they are enemies of our law and our nation and our faith. Our war with you is a war of existence, not a border war. We will make war on you and we will remove your remnants from our country. And soon in the Golan and the occupied Palestine “rises up every Syrian, even the infants.”

Remember the war of 1973? Remember 2000 [note: the Second Intifada] and 2006 [note: the Lebanon war]? How we rained on the depths of your violators with our missiles, so you asked for protection from the world and hid in your burrows scared like rats? Just as your soldiers fled defeated and tamed before our blows?

We say to you anew: what you took from us by force we will regain by greater force, and your attacks on some of the sites of the men of God yesterday were only the panic and confusion of a defeated man hiding behind illusions and a wall.

We are coming and we promise bigger surprises than you can imagine… From here to there, the Syrian Electronic Army’

When visited the page early this morning, the alleged poster and message were not there, but the site appeared to not function normally.


IDF Blog Down


The SEA uses denial of service (DoS) attacks to target and shutdown sites that have negative news or messages regarding Syria’s government. They typically go after news and human rights sites.

The group hacked Reuters last week and previously in 2013.

They also hacked U.K. publications The Sun and The Sunday Times earlier this month.

They have also claimed responsibility for attacking the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC News, the Associated Press, America’s National Public Radio and Al-Jazeera.

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  1. Admitting that so-called ‘Palestinians’ are actually often just Syrian Arabs in addition to the Arabs from other surrounding countries.

  2. Min datter mener helt klart at vi skal købe alt det der lego gresedn, som hun udtaler det. Så vi siger ja tak til at vinde.

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