Kurdish Colonel: Iraq forces need more heavy weaponry

Kurdish Colonel: Iraq forces need more heavy weaponry
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News broke over the weekend that Iraqi and Kurdish forces were able to take back control of the Mosul Dam—the largest and most vital water source in Iraq.

Colonel Hazhar Ismail, of the Ministry of Peshmerga (Kurdish Defense Force), joined me on Fox News to discuss the latest developments.

This campaign signifies a joint coordination on the part of the Iraqis, Kurds and the U.S., that was the only way to launch this operation, according to the Colonel, who also credits U.S. air strikes as part of the operation’s success.

“We are focusing on the villages around the dam as well. There are many Christians and Yazidis living around there. There is great danger if the Mosul Dam would stay under ISIS control,” Colonel Ismail said

What’s next?

Colonel Ismail said the civilians around the dam and around Sinjar Mountain have to be rescued and delivered to Kurdistan. The refugee problem in Kurdistan is growing, but the priority is to bring all targeted minority groups to safety.

And while the Kurdish military is grateful to receive humanitarian help, weapons and enforcement air strikes by the U.S., Colonel Ismail says this is not enough. They need heavy machinery and weaponry to be on par with ISIS.

“They are threatening us today, but tomorrow they will threaten the entire region and will spread to Europe and even the U.S.,” Colonel Ismail said.

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