Saudi activist Raif Badawi loses appeal, 10 year jail term upheld

Saudi activist Raif Badawi loses his appeal
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A Family source has confirmed  to Mideast faces that Saudi activist Raif Badawi’s 10 year jail term – 1000 lashes, has been upheld. Details Shortly. 

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  6. that, he was going to jail. Plenty of people go to jail for much worse than that and don’t hang themselves. Apparently this guy was looking to get arrested and show his latent mental illness once in his cell. By the way.. his cellmate 3 feet away didn’t do a thing to save the guy. The BCSO did nothing wrong. This guy was a nut waiting to crack.

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  8. DS, You are very correct with this comment, “And Jack does not care about first impressions a lot.” If you judge people by first impressions you might give up on some really good people. Instead I live by the phrase, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

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