Yazidi activist angry over possible ‘genocide’ in Iraq

Yazidi community leader Elias Kasem fears not enough is being done
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As Islamic State militants continue their brutal course in Iraq, the plight of minority Christians, Kurds and Yazidis has been increasingly escalating.

Elias Kasem, a Yazidi community activist living in Phoenix, Arizona has been spending his time highlighting the current crisis by organizing local and national protests from the west coast all the way to New York’s United Nations and Washington D.C.

Elias joins me to explain what he is hearing from his Yazidi family in Iraq:

It is a “dire situation” for the Yazidis in Iraq, who are “living with no water and no shelter,” Kasem said, stating his opinion that the U.S. has not done enough in providing humanitarian aid for the Yazidi community.

“There must be a mission to rescue the Yazidis,” he said in disagreement  with the administration’s decision late last week to not launch a rescue mission on Mt. Sinjar.

Kasem dedicates his time to raising awareness about the plight of the Yazidis. He says members of his community are in constant contact with the U.S. government.

“We are facing genocide. There is an imminent genocide, if the international powers do not step in,” Kasem said.

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